Publication policy of IEJEE is updated.

Dear Researchers,

International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE) has been in publication since 2008. As an eight years old journal it may be considered as one of the youngest journals in the field of education, but also one of the well reputed one for active educational researchers, policy makers and teachers.

During the last seven years IEJEE has published nineteen issues, hereof six special issues, with the contribution of researchers from many universities and research institutions and countries. IEJEE has become a scientific meeting place and a channel for those researchers who care educational situation of children in different elementary/primary school systems and educational settings.

Despite its younger age, IEJEE may also be seen as one of the well-established peer-reviewed scientific open access journals in the world. As an editorial team we are proud of this development and our history. Thanks to all of our contributors.

Starting from March-2015-issue IEJEE will appear in a new Internet format. Starting from this year IEJEE also will come out with four issues – March, June, September and December - instead of three. The aim is to increase our capacity and contribute to the field of elementary / primary education – a field that deserves more and more attention and research.

This policy decision by IEJEE’s editorial team has several reasons: To serve better and more effectively to our researchers, peer reviewers and technical team. Our new system also will make our archive more accessible, easier for searching and indexing agencies.

International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE) is a peer reviewed scientific open access journal – not a commercial journal. But the renewal process, capacity expansion, technical improvements and daily maintenance of the journal necessitate funding.

Therefore the editorial team decided to ask for a symbolic publication fee for those articles who pass peer review process and get acceptance. We hope our researcher collogues understand the reason for this decision.

Starting from June-2015-issue the publication fee will be 300 USD or 300 EUR or 750 TL.


Editorial Team of IEJEE