This is the fifth special issue of International Electronic Journal of Elementary
Education since 2008. This volume is devoted to Multilingualism and Multilingual
Education in the Nordic Countries which is also the title of the issue. In 2011, Dr. Siv
Björklund from University of Vaasa, Finland, launched the idea of initiating a
comparative research project aiming at establishing a network of Nordic researchers
with the view of informing each other about what is going on within the field of
multilingualism and multilingual education in the four Nordic countries, Finland,
Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Five other active researchers from these countries
responded positively to her idea and the Network for Researchers of Multilingualism
and Multilingual Education (RoMME) was established. Dr. Siv Björklund was chosen to
be the project manager. RoMME applied and received funding for a three-year-project
(2011-2013) from NordForsk, an organization which under the auspices of the Nordic
Council of Ministers provides funding for Nordic research cooperation.

Published: 2013-10-15