We are proud of presenting Volume 11, issue 4 of International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education (IEJEE) for our readers. As the Editor-in-Chief of IEJEE, I always look for reading the submitted papers and the accepted version of the papers before publication.

I am always amazed by the informative tittles, but this time I decided to take a look at the key words mentioned in all the fourteen papers. I would like to share the key words with you: 

Reading Fluency, Learning Problems, Single-Case Study, Reading Racetracks, Primary School, Social Studies, Spatial Perception Ability, Google Earth, Mixed Method, Vocabulary Acquisition, Vocabulary Instruction, Pleasure Reading, Efficiency, Intercultural Education, Ethnocentrism, Teacher Training, Visual...

Published: 2019-03-24


The Inefficiency of Vocabulary Instruction

Pages: 309-318

Varying Opportunities to Respond to Improve Behavior of Elementary Students with Developmental Disabilities

Pages: 327-334

Promotion of the Environmental Knowledge and Behavior through the Moroccan Syllabus of Sciences in the Middle School

Pages: 371-381

Puppet as a Pedagogical Tool: A Literature Review

Pages: 393-401

The Relation Between Social Learning and Visual Culture

Pages: 421-427